Netzwerk Basel, Switzerland

Netzwerk Basel is an evangelistic platform of various churches and ministries in the Basel area. Every weekend the gospel is being preached in a creative way by a group of people in the streets of Basel.

Dr. Jeyaseelan

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Ein Herz für Nationen

The overall concept of the organisation is evangelism, church planting, biblical, and practical training among the unreached and lost people in other nations. This is done in collaboration with local leaders with the aim of capacity building. Motivated by Christian charity Ein Herz für Nationen e.V. is also supporting humanitarian aid programmes in areas of crisis and disaster in order to help people by word and deed.      
(Photo: Board and Members)

Ofer & Chris Amitai

Ofer Amitai & Chris are pastors of the Church of El-ROII in Jerusalem. They also head the "Israel Prayer and Training Center" in Jerusalem. Ofer speaks outside of Israel in churches and in conferences, promoting prayer and teaching about God's heart for the restoration of His chosen people. Chris conducts prayer meetings, teaches, and creates educational material for children in their community. Ofer and Chris have two adult children.

Pastor Selim Sali Alijevic

Pastor Selim Sali Alijevic, Serbia

Monovah Nickelson

Monovah Nickelson is the brother of Larwin. He leads the missionary work in South India that his father began over 50 years ago. At present, the ministry includes at least 30 churches, a Bible college, sewing schools for underprivileged women, and an orphanage.

Sewing School in India

In 1983 Larwin and Silvia Nickelson set up a sewing school in the town of Kolar Gold Fields in South India. This allows women access to a free education, and to earn a small salary. After one year of training they are able to find jobs as tailors, and to take care of themselves. More and more women with Hindu or Muslim background have also developed a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Stiftung Schleife

Stiftung Schleife supports and encourages individuals, Christian organizations and other groups. Their special events (seminars, conferences, counselling, prophecy, leadership & coaching, children & youth ministry, music and art) are based on fundamental Christian values and relate to God in a practical way to find solutions. The main focus is training in the practical, professional and spiritual realm.                                                      
Leaders:   Andreas & Stephanie Keller