Who We Are

Who We Are


Oikos is a Greek word, meaning ‘house’ or ‘family’. We want to be a church family where many people will find a spiritual home where they can be healed and released into their calling. We believe that being transparent with one another and embracing each other’s strengths as well as weaknesses creates an experience of unity. We can do this because we live out of His grace and not through performance.


Oikos is represented by over 20 nations. We greatly profit from this unity, which reaches beyond national and cultural borders. This diversity is emphasized by visits from guest speakers from all over the world. Teachings are translated simultaneously in multiple languages (German, English, Italian).


We are an evangelical free church associated with the federation of Swiss Evangelical Alliance (SEA). The finished work of Christ on the Cross as our salvation, and the inspired Word of God in the Bible are the foundations of our belief.

There are around 150 members belonging to Oikos church, including children. We believe that each individual part of the body of Christ is an important building block to congregational life. Jesus Himself is building His church, using weak, but committed vessels. We want to be available to God with our individual gifting in order for Him to build His kingdom here on earth. As a leadership, we want to see a family atmosphere established, where young and old, weak and strong learn to share life together and become God’s building blocks for His house.