Our Leadership

Larwin and Silvia Nickelson

Oikos International Church is pastored by Larwin and Silvia Nickelson.

Larwin is of Indian origin. In 1981 he graduated from Bible College in Seattle, Washington (USA) where he was also ordained as a pastor.

Silvia is Swiss. Silvia and Larwin met in India in 1983, where they were married and spent 3 years in ministry. They moved to Basel, Switzerland in 1990 and have lived there since with their 3 children.

Andy and Michaela Meier

Andy and Michaela both have a burning desire to see individuals, the church, the city, and the nation touched, healed, and transformed by the presence of God. Both enjoy teaching, preaching, and encouraging in order to strengthen the body of Christ. Michaela is especially involved in church administration and organisation and likes interpreting. As a leader of a home association, Andy has a special call for leaders in Switzerland. 

Dirk and Eszter Stöhr

Dirk and Eszter have supporting the church leadership in the background for years. In addition, they invest themselves in worship, children's ministry and a combination of both.

Keith & Mandy Muckett

Latest members of the leadership team are Keith and Mandy Muckett.  Originally from the UK they have been part of the Oikos family since 2001.  Leadership experience has included youth and Shabbat groups as well as leading & training teams for Alphalive courses.

Mandy is an author and encourager with a heart for women, being in leadership of the Saphira women's group.  Keith has a servant heart and his mission field is in the workplace.  Married for 27 years they have a desire to see marriages healed and now run courses on the topic of 'Growing sexual intimacy in marriage'.

Bernhard and Claudia Mössner

Bernhard and Claudia Mössner have been part of Oikos International Church since 2001 and were ordained for pastoral ministry in 2004. They are also part of the board of the foundation b/e/t/e and lead the house of prayer Basel that was birthed through OIC. Their heart beats for the release of the children of God in their destiny and call. In the house of prayer they stand also for unity of the body of Christ beyond church or denominational boundaries.